Communicating During a Crisis

Communication during a crisis: A guide for departments

This is intended to provide general guidance related to communications for Humboldt State departments during campus emergencies and crises.

All departments at HSU utilize various communications tools on a daily basis: email, social media, websites, word of mouth. These are used for a wide range of communications, some quite casual. There is plenty of room for error and adjustment, and the cost of day-to-day miscommunication is generally low.

Social media - Best Practices

Best Practices – Tips & Tricks

Think of an informal get-together with some friends and friends-of-friends. You break the ice. You listen. You relate. You ask questions. You’re conversational, humble and polite. You don’t start passing out flyers or promoting yourself. HSU social media is the same way. It’s about educating, informing, and entertaining. Great posts do all three.

You've got a complicated subject matter. We can help guide you to effect communications practices, so feel free to set up an appointment.

Social Media - Getting Started

Getting Started: The Basics

Before Launching a Channel

Answering these questions will streamline your process and help you decide what to post and what not to post.

Social Media Compliance

Compliance: 7 Things You Need To Know


Running an HSU social media channel brings serious responsibilities. It’s important to remember you will be held to high standards of inclusion, fairness, neutrality, as well as the University code of conduct. Humboldt State University is an agency of the State of California government and its property is state property.

Your channel not only represents your department--it and everything you post reflects, represents, and belongs to Humboldt State University

Social Media Guide

This guide is for HSU employees and student-employees who have a role in coordinating social media on behalf of units at Humboldt State University. These guidelines and best practices are meant to help you use social media effectively and responsibly by:

Charge Backs & Billing

Marketing & Communications is only partially funded through the University’s general fund budget. For the remainder of our funding, we depend on revenue generated through charges to the campus units we work with. However, even though we charge our campus clients, we have more than a simple business relationship. We are a partner that has a responsibility to the University as a whole.

Charges for design, photography, and other creative services are $60/hour. Charges for printing, copying, and mail services vary. There is no charge for initial consultation and advice.

Working with Media


It is important that media calls about campus policies, decisions, and changes, and similar be reported to MarCom. You can refer them directly to Marcom or take a message and contact us. The main number, for both campus staff making referrals and for reporters, is 707.826.3390 and the email is

Word Out Marketing Guide

Share Your News and Events on Campus and Beyond
There are many ways for campus groups to publicize their news and events at HSU. These include submitting information to digital services on campus, seeking media coverage, creating posters and flyers, utilizing the campus radio stations and the student newspaper, and more.

Request Consultation

Maybe you need a brochure or website but aren't sure where to begin. Or maybe you're not sure what type of project you need. We’ve helped many clients clarify their message and choose the right communications approach.

For a free consultation please email or call (707) 826-3321.

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Humboldt State's people are at the heart of what we do. We share stories about their aspirations and successes, and through them, we tell the larger story of our institution. Our goal is to create stronger connections between Humboldt State and our extended family — prospective students, students, faculty and staff, alumni, benefactors, and the community.