Word Out Marketing Guide

Share Your News and Events on Campus and Beyond
There are many ways for campus groups to publicize their news and events at Humboldt. These include submitting information to digital services on campus, seeking media coverage, creating posters and flyers, utilizing the campus radio stations and the student newspaper, and more.


myHumboldt messages

What: University’s internal portal with links to work-related information, campus memos, and tools. 
Audience: University employees
Submit: Contact the appropriate person in the department who handles announcements.
Website: humboldt.edu/myhumboldt

Humboldt NOW website and weekly e-newsletter

What: Humboldt news and features covering important accomplishments and changes on campus, as well as stories that highlight the University’s people and programs. Some stories sent to local media, others distributed regionally or broader.
Audience: University community and others interested in Humboldt’s successes
Contact: Phone – (707) 826-3390 | Email – news@humboldt.edu 
Submit: Send story ideas to now.humboldt.edu/submit/news
Website: now.humboldt.edu

Events Calendars

On-campus Events

Humboldt Events

What: A comprehensive listing of campus-sponsored events that are of broad interest to the campus or community (speakers, performances, athletic events). Events are automatically submitted to the calendar when the space is reserved through 25Live. The submitter will have the option of designating it to appear on the calendar page and as a potential selection for a featured event. There will be no need to submit events separately to a second calendar system.
Audience: University community and local communities 
Contact: (707) 826-5112
Submit: 25live.collegenet.com/humboldt
Website: humboldt.edu/events/featured
More info: How to submit event info and which details to include - humboldt.edu/web/event-help

Off-campus Events

North Coast Journal Calendar

What: Online and printed event listings for the weekly newspaper.
Audience: Local community 
Contact: calendar@northcoastjournal.com 
Website: northcoastjournal.com/humboldt/EventSearch

KHUM Goodtime Guide

What: Local radio station offers online event listings. 
Audience: Local community
Submit: khum.com/gtg/events/submit 
Website: khum.com/gtg

Lost Coast Outpost

What: Online event listings for the online news outlet.
Audience: Local community
Contact: (707) 633-9179
Submit: lostcoastoutpost.com/lowdown/events/submit
Website: lostcoastoutpost.com/lowdown

Times-Standard Calendar

What: Online and printed event listings in Humboldt County’s daily newspaper.
Audience: Local community 
Submit: style@times-standard.com
Website: times-standard.com/entertainment

Mad River Union

What: Online and printed event listings in Humboldt County’s weekly newspaper. 
Audience: Local community 
Contact: Phone - (707) 826-7000 
Submit: news@madriverunion.com (submission guidelines available at madriverunion.com/submission-guide)
Website: madriverunion.com/events-calendar


  Achievements, Class Notes, &
Social Media


What: Brief updates about the latest publications and other achievements by Humboldt students, faculty, and staff.
Audience: University community, alumni
Contact: Phone – (707) 826-3390 | Email – news@humboldt.edu


Alumni Class Note

What: Forever Humboldt—an organization for alumni, students, family, faculty, and staff—offers listings about important changes in the lives of alumni.
Audience: University community, alumni
Contact: Phone – (707) 826-8182 | Email – forever@humboldt.edu
Submit: https://now.humboldt.edu/node/add/alumni_updates
Website: forever.humboldt.edu

Social Media

What: Campus units can create and run their own social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and more. Accounts must be registered. Also, MarCom offers one-on-one training sessions and a social media user group that meets once each semester. 
Audience: University community, alumni, prospective students, families
Social Media Directory – All social media channels for Humboldt and campus units.
Humboldt Social Media Guide – How to use social media and how to get started.


  Email Newsletters

University Notices

What: A weekly email bulletin for the University, with versions for students, faculty, and staff. Submissions must be no more than three, 50-character lines of text, and include an optional link to more information. Contact the Help Desk to receive login information.
Audience: Campus
Contact: Phone – (707) 826-4357 | Email – help@humboldt.edu
Submit a Notice

Alumni e-newsletter

What: A monthly e-newsletter to help alumni stay connected to Humboldt.
Audience: Alumni
Contact: Phone – (707) 826-3132 | Email – forever@humboldt.edu
Submit: Send story ideas to now.humboldt.edu/submit/news
Website: forever.humboldt.edu/publications

Parent & Family e-newsletter

What: A monthly e-newsletter to help parents and families stay involved in their student’s experience at Humboldt.
Audience: The parents and families of Humboldt students
Contact: Phone – (707) 826-3132 | Email – forever@humboldt.edu
Submit: Send story ideas to now.humboldt.edu/submit/news
Website: humboldt.edu/family/newsletter

Department/Unit Newsletters & Websites

What: Post department or unit-specific news on a department or unit newsletter or websites.
Audience: Specific campus department or unit (e.g. Psychology, International Programs)
Contact: Contact the Department or Unit directly, using the Campus Directory at humboldt.edu/tns/directory.php.



Posters & Flyers

What: Hang your posters and flyers on general bulletin boards around campus. A list of bulletin boards is available from the Student Life & Event Services (SLES) counter (visit humboldt.edu/humboldt/maps for a campus map). Flyers and posters must be approved and stamped by the SLES Counter, located on the second floor on the Student Activities Center prior to posting.
Audience: Campus
Contact: Phone – (707) 826-3928 | Email – sac@humboldt.edu

Humboldt Magazine

What: A magazine published in the fall and spring featuring alumni profiles, student achievements, faculty research, and campus developments.
Audience: Humboldt alumni
Submit: Send news and story ideas to magazine@humboldt.edu

Lumberjack Ads

What: Print advertising in The Lumberjack, the University’s weekly student newspaper.
Audience: Students
Contact: Phone – (707) 826-3259 | Email – LJNPads@humboldt.edu
Website: thelumberjack.org

El Leñador Ads

What: Print and online advertising in El Leñador, the monthly bilingual Humboldt student newspaper.
Audience: Humboldt students, Humboldt County diverse communities and  Spanish speakers
Contact: Phone – (707) 826-3259 | Email – ellenador.ads@gmail.com
Website: ellenadornews.com




What: Feature your Public Service Announcement on KHSU, a community-supported public radio station operated by Humboldt. You can also submit your event to the community calendar, 10 days before the desired airdate.
Audience: Northwest California, Southwest Oregon
Contact: (707) 826-4807
Events Calendar: khsu.org/community-calendar
Submit: khsu.org/community-calendar/events/create
Website: khsu.org


What: Feature your public service announcement on KRFH, the University’s student-run radio station.
Audience: Students
Contact: Phone – (707) 826-6077 or (707) 826-3257 | Email – krfh@humboldt.edu
Website: radiofree-humboldt.squarespace.com


Bicoastal Media

KRED 92.3, ESPN Radio 1340, KGOE 1480 AM, KKHB 105.5, KFMI 96.3

What: Feature your public service announcement on local radio stations owned by Bicoastal Media.
Audience: Local community
Contact: Phone – (707) 442-2000
Submit: eurekapsa@bicoastalmedia.com (Subject: “PSA submission”)
Website: bicoastal.media/eureka

Eureka Broadcasting Company

KINS 106.3, KEKA 101.5, KWSW 980 AM, JUAN 790 AM, KURY (95.3 FM and 910 AM)

What: Feature your public service announcement on local stations owned by Eureka Broadcasting.
Audience: Local community
Contact: Phone – (707) 442-5744
Submit: psa.eurekaradio.com
Website: eurekaradio.com

  Clubs & Student Groups

Clubs and Student Groups

What: Student clubs have access to several on-campus publicity options, including posters, staked flyers, quad banners, and more.
Audience: Campus
Contact: Phone – (707) 826-3776 | Email – clubs@humboldt.edu
Website: clubs.humboldt.edu/handbook